psycho goulash

5–14 September 20142–7pm daily; closed on Mondays'WHO’S LOOKING: SURF & TURF’ is an inquiry into engagements with art in the age of the internet. As our attention ecology manoeuvres between the online and offline, the agency and spectatorship of art in real life (IRL) extends beyond the physical and durational, through their parallel lives on the web (URL). Artists in this exhibition undertake these modes of encounters, producing works that are framed for/by diverse online platforms.
Ground had risen to sprout new plant, uttered first spoken its difference from black black soil toward a white tight sky, a colored sapling winged but bashful gifted a diversity with one sharp bite of chromosomes monstrous as it devoured what it is in air and earth to live again each time different slanted time. 
2013, feathers, glass beads, glass vials, steel, wire, acrylic horn, ceramic ball and horn, 60 x 90 x 45cm